Troop 317 Discipleship Program

Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the original founder of Scouting, said Scouting is “a game with a purpose.” Troop 317’s purpose is to train and equip young men to be mature and impactful followers of Jesus Christ through the vehicle of Scouting. The primary Scouting vehicle for discipleship is the patrol. This is the Scout’s small group or “band of brothers.” Sir Baden-Powell referred to patrols as “gangs for good.”

Each patrol in Troop 317 is assigned an adult leader – known as an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) in Scouting. In Troop 317 we also refer to this adult leader as a patrol discipler. It is our desire for these men to be a godly influence on our Scouts. Not because they know everything about Scouting or Christianity, but because they are willing share their time and energy with the young men in their patrol. By spending time helping Scouts learn Scout skills and participating in the adventures that Scouting offers these men will, over the course of time, also be sharing their life in Christ.

At its core, the plan for discipleship in Troop 317 is simple. We are putting godly men in the lives of Scouts in order to expose the Scouts to the truths of God’s Word. There are a lot of details to accompany this plan, but they all point back to what Perimeter Church calls “life-on-life missional discipleship.” To learn more about the details associated with the Troop 317 discipleship process click here

For questions on this material and the processes outlined therein or the development of a similar process in another troop, please contact Troop 317 Chaplain, Chris Mitchell, at


Scouts Own Worship Message Materials

The materials used by the Troop 317 Chaplain’s Aide to construct the Scout’s Own Worship service outline in HWJL?’s three year curriculum are in the folders here below by year. We offer these materials for use by other Troops interested in pursuing a similar program within their Scouting program. If there are any comments or questions related to these materials, please contact Troop 317 Chaplain, Chris Mitchell, at



Other Materials for Chaplain’s Aide

What follows are documents used by the Chaplain’s Aide in his service to Troop 317. The documents posted here are:



Religious Emblems Programs

Troop 317 offers two religious emblems programs from the God and Country series (


  • God and Church
  • God and Life


The God and Church program is very flexible and can be structured in a number of different ways. It will be a faith journey with three parts:


  • Meeting Jesus Christ,
  • Worshiping God, and
  • Witnessing and ministering for Jesus Christ.


The God and Life program is a reflective type of curriculum. Students will be challenged to integrate their faith into their daily lives. Both programs can take from three to six months to complete.


Parents or guardians of Scouts have the option of working alongside the Scouts on the God and Country curriculum as part of the Adult Mentor program. Mentors are active learning participants (students) with lessons to complete in their own workbooks just like the Scouts. Both mentors and Scouts work under the supervision of the program counselor.


If you are interested in participating in the next offering of one of these classes, please contact Troop 317 Chaplain, Chris Mitchell, at

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